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Mastermind - WinLogic (logical game)

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Mastermind - WinLogic (logical game)

Mastermind WinLogic - logical game with various difficulty levels that develops brightness and logical thinking. For all age categories.

Puzzle that orbited the world!

Task of this game is line up in right order individual cubes that way to make correspondence with cubes hidden in result area.

In this process is possible to measure time and actual score and make record in game, which is afterwards saved to archive.

Great game for fight against memory fails.

Mastermind is registered trademark of company
Invicta Plastics, Ltd.

Game very effectively develop logical thinking, brightness, tenacity, ability to combine, sort and feel given system and environment.

Thanks to game simplistic settings is also suitable for small children.

  • new type of game - Chaos
  • 3 kind of games: Classic, Training and Chaos
  • choice searched positions: 2 - 8
  • choice searched cubes: 2 - 25
  • colored, gray and combined cubes
  • cubes with numbers - from zero
  • saved records of individual games with complete illustration of solving - (Archive)
  • assign game from computer or second player
  • cube can be in result area once or more times
  • random position of cubes
  • activation right position of cube
  • cubes blocking
  • helping mark of line
  • more language versions
  • portable version
Hardest game settings (25 cubes - 8 columns - cube more times)
have up to
152 587 890 625
possible lines (variations)!
In case that computer generated on screen 1000 lines per second,
he needed for display all lines almost 5 years!
Despite all, player know with logical progress find correct solving
and break hidden code.

Tree structure of possible individual settings from easiest version EASY to hardest GOLD - Mastermind_structure_EN.pdf


Application is directly executable, do not install anything and do not write to registers.


Virtual Gallery

Game type – Classic: 6 searched cubes - 4 searched positions (colored cubes) Classic with mixed cubes (colored cubes and cubes with numbers) Game settings no. 12 – Classic, 8 searched positions, 25 searched cubes (colored cubes) Cubes with random numbers to value 999 Gray cubes with numbers in order Various games settings General application settings Game type - Training Cubes visible in results area Showing records for each game Archive - see the successful solution of the game Game no. 4 in Training Game type – Chaos with mixed cubes (colored cubes and cubes with numbers) Cubes with numbers - from zero Setting - Language Favourite game no. 3 in Training Chaos (25 cubes / 8 positions) - brutal challenge Chaos in binary code :) The new version 2.1 of Mastermind WinLogic
Planned improvements to the next version
  • new type of game
  • automatic solving computer games
  • save the game in any mode
  • the possibility of stretching any localization
Product detail

March 31, 2017
(Start:  April 6, 2004)





Product type

logical game


Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP






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Key words

mastermind game, logical game, board game, puzzle, game of the brain, code breaker


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