In this section you can download and play brilliant logic game Mastermind (WinLogic), which don´t have amazing graphic, but with it´s functionality and variability far overcome competing projects.

Here is Memory Game - a card game in witch you must find as many identical (or thematically similar) cards as possible.

Under utilities you can find sophisticated selection of cells, which largely exceeds the capacity of Excel. Next tool partitioning columns and rows belongs to unique utilities that allow "seamless" inserting additional rows and columns into data in Excel.

Web services offer e.g. graphical theme for Adminer,
or alternative algorithm for solutions of sorting data in Slovak
and Czech alphabet

... and much more


The offer includes unique crosswords, where the final crossword hide sub-puzzles of different kinds of crosswords.

For children are available letter papers with different kind of fairytale motives, or children cards, which children like to exchange e.g. in school.

For next use there are different kind of graphical design, e.g. movie, the slide frame, processed completely in vector graphics.

... and much more


(1) WordPress Joomla! Drupal
Editorial systems (publications systems CMS) offer simple and effective administration of intranet and internet websites.

In this section will be offered different kinds of themes and plugins for editorial systems – WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

of work

In this section there is available univerzal database editor DB_Edit, which offers in managing data files DBF most exclusive functionality, as is only possible in OS DOS.

Application Queen is focused on foreign language teaching. Contains lot of words and sentences for regular vocabulary exercise.

There is also code character set, where are exchanged codepage ASCII, Latin2, Kamenik, WinLatin2 and others...