About me


My name is Robert Mesaros
and I started programming binary applications 37 years ago. These were applications under the operating system DOS. I started with programming languages Basic, Fortran, Assembler and Pascal.

As time moved on I added C, object-oriented Pascal and C++. Later programming in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Now - Java :)

Inseparable part are different kinds of database products: dBase, FoxPro, Clipper, later relational database systems MSSQL, Firebird, MySQL, SQLite, ...


Internet and computer networks completely absorb everyone. Creation of intranet and internet applications did not take long to come.

When crating this kind of applications, huge advantage is knowledge of all secondary fields that craetes complete unit.

In this area is necessary knowledge of technologies like HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (jQuery, Json, XML, Ajax), PHP, SQL and many others...


For five years I was working on graphical department like graphic designer.

On this position I adopt professional work with graphical applications, like QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Freehand, Corel and many others.

I was occupied by creating raster and vector graphic, DTP, web design, flash animations, 3D graphic, ...

I think that many of us think back to era of 8-bit computers. And also I think, that someone who wasn´t in contact with them, hardly ever experience 'love' to computers.

I was lucky that I could acquire on that time incredibly fantastic computer - ATARI 800XL with 256 colours and 64 kB of memory. I underline 64 kB! At that time, PEEK and POKE were magic commands with which you could conjure the most fantastic spells.

In these times are computers lot powerful. I don´t know any technological progress that move so fast like in computer technology. I have experiences with huge amount of computers – 80386, 486, Pentium, with CPU Intel and AMD.
At the moment I own Intel Core i7 with 12 GB RAM and of course many peripherals.

I know that lot of computers are powerful, but I think, that most important are knowledge anyway. And mainly how you improved knowledge and after that make profitable.

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