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Memory Game (card game) - online

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Memory Game (card game) - online

Memory Game is a card game in witch you must find as many identical (or thematically similar) cards as possible.

This is not an ordinary Memory Game ;)

On this page you can find many varied of Memory Game for all ages.

In addition to the classic game (with searching for same pairs of cards) there are different difficulty, where you need to find same (or different) three of a kind, four of a kind or five of a kind cards...

It’s Memory Game for children, teenagers, adults or seniors...

There is also a section for disabled people, in witch the different games take account of various healh restrictions. Whether it is vision problems (purblind, blind) or problems with signs of weakening the intellectual abilities of seniors in advanced age (age dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Pick's disease, ...).

So far the only natural medicine
to lose memory is her

permanent excercise!

Chose any activity that excercise brain...

  • read books
  • play chess (Draughts)
  • resolve crossword puzzle
  • play card and party games
  • learn a fereign language



From the menu, you can select picture, text, sound or combination (picture - text - sound) Memory Game.

Individual Memory Games are classified into different categories:

  • age category   (smallest children, children, adults, seniors)
  • processing   (picture, text, sound, combined)
  • card identity   (same pairs of cards, different pairs of cards)
  • card definition   (pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, five of a kind)
  • difficulty   (easy, normal, hard, extreme)
  • for disabled people   (purblind, blind, age dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ...)
  • learning foreign languages
  • special :)
It’s important to regularly burden the brain!

After game is launched under card area is information about number of "identical" or "different" searched pairs (three of a kind, four of a kind, five of a kind).

In the game, you can increase or decrease the number of cards (depending on the screen resolution).

Game allows several times to uncover and cover all accessible cards.

Turnover speed of cards can be adjusted as necessary:

With exposed cards, Auxiliary mode is available to highlight linked cards (pair, three of a kind, ...) :

  • 0  -  off mode
  • 1  -  automatic mode
  • 2  -  manual mode
When playing with different cards (D) it‘s possible to change the game type to the game with identical cards of the 1st series (I-1), 2nd series (I-2), ...
This settings is clearer with exposed cards.

For some games, you can set size of cards
(for text Memory Game - minimum height 80 pixels - maximum height 360 pixels).

You can change the text size for text Memory Game
(at least 14 pixels - up to 42 pixels).

In text or combined Memory Game, you can uncover the cars and then adjust the font size as needed.

Memory game for the blind

Memory game for the blind has a customized user interface that combines mouse and audio signaling...

When you start the game and click your mouse on the game area, the audible alert sounds when you move the mouse.
This signaling addresses the different mouse pointer positions, over the game zone and beyond, over the card, out of card, bad move, good move, and so on.

Sound signaling is predefined in 6 versions, which can be switched by pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F8.
Keyboard shortcuts
Action Keyboard
New game F2
Number of pairs plus Ctrl + right (arrow)
minus Ctrl + left (arrow)
Turn cards / Cover cards F9
Speed of card turnover plus Ctrl + Alt + up (arrow)
minus Ctrl + Alt + down (arrow)
Game type - switching series
(available only for different pairs)
Card size plus Ctrl + up (arrow)
minus Ctrl + down (arrow)
Text size plus Alt + up (arrow)
minus Alt + down (arrow)
Blind mode - switch - Ctrl + F8
Language English E
Slovak S
- switch - L
Fullscreen F11
Info about a running game I

It’s important to note, that for "different" pairs, it’s necessary to find thematically similar (but different) cards (picture or text) - eg. different pairs of cards from one fairytale.


Virtual Gallery

Classic Memory Game (front of cards) Classic Memory Game (back of cards) Complete display of screen data (information area, playing field, menu) Keyboard shortcuts Additional information Filter (different categories and types of games) Memory Game - World Cinematography (the choice of card sizes) Memory Game - Czech-slovak Cinematography (the choice of card sizes) Combined Memory Game (picture + text) (choice of size of cards and text size) Memory Game in category seniors and purblind (great images) Memory Game for the blind - pictogram in the information area (large images with larger gaps and audible signaling) Memory Game (maximum setting) Memory Game for children (cartoon animals) Learning Memory Game - Mathematics Expressions (different difficulty) Memory Game - the color of simple entities Sound Memory Game Memory Game with 3 identical symbols Memory Game with different card sizes - cards 140 x 140 px Memory Game with different card sizes - cards 110 x 110 px Memory Game with different card sizes - cards 80 x 80 px Search for different color pairs Search for different squares of the same animated movie Mathematical Memory Game - numbers (version for the blind) Memory Game - the alphabet (maximum performance) Learning Memory Game - Mathematics Expressions (high difficulty) Category - Special Memory Game (hidden backside of cards) Extreme - searching for different squares Memory Game - maximum performance (back of cards) Memory Game - maximum performance (front of cards) Text Memory Game - different subjects (maximum performance)
Memory Game - Intro (video, 1:40 min)
Memory Game (video, 18:00 min)

This version of Memory Game is - online.

You can play from your internet browser.
Almost all available browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and with some restrictions Internet Explorer (Edge)...

You can also start a random game from the menu     :)


Just click on the link (start) of a specific game...


Alternative No.2:

Individual memory games can also be launched through the game index, e.g. http://www.rmsoft.sk/memorygame/137
(index number is in the range 1 - 1450, except for 894 - 907)
using the game index listing:

Alternative No.3:

Some off-line Memory Games can be downloaded here.

Version off-line
Planned improvements to the next version
  • multiplayer game
  • keyboard game control
  • game of time limit
  • scoring the game
  • other types of Memory Game
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October 9, 2019
(Start:  December 22, 2018)





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